Natalya Shcherbatyuk
We sell apartment in low price No inconvenience It goes easily Come and we serve you better
Flat Rate LA Real Estate now available in Los Angeles. This is new service offered by Champion Realty. You no longer need to pay 6% commission to sell your house You will receive a huge rebate when buying a house. As a real estate professional, I strongly believe that now is the time for real estate agents to think carefully about our industry and how we can be of service to our communities. Providing flat rate service is a great way to accomplish this. I never understood why or how charging a seller 6% of the sales prices was ever in the best interest of the seller. I knew everyone must have been feeling the same way. Instead of charging 6% of the purchase price, I'm going to list your property in the local MLS for $4,700. Pay a 2.5% commission only if another agent brings you a buyer. This will literally save you thousands of dollars. We are a full service real estate brokerage, who's goal is to provide the best possible service while saving our clients time and money! For more information or to get started - call us or visit our website and make appointment now. Minus Show less
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