Brad Korb
We are very excited to have been endorsed by real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran, from Shark Tank, and also being ranked #1 locally by Wall Street Journal. Visit Our Website - Brad Korb Real Estate Group Check us out on YELP - See what previous clients are saying 1. Guaranteed Sale Program Our team offer a unique Guaranteed Sale Program where we will sell your home GUARANTEED or we'll step in and buy it, for cash. We have bought several homes for cash during 2013-2015 and we put everything in writing and have many testimonials. For more info, call 818-953-5300. To get a fast over the net valuation of your home, click HERE. 2. Why hire us to sell your home? In addition to the Guaranteed Sale Program, we also offer a 2-year LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT guarantee where we will either buy the home back or sell it for FREE if the buyer is not 100% completely happy with the purchase. We offer this to our Sellers which creates much more demand for their homes. Our annual marketing budget is more than TEN TIMES what a typical Realtor's annual income is which provides for extreme exposure for our client's homes on every major website. We attract 1,200-1,400 home buyers monthly and we have more than 26,000 home buyers looking for homes in here in Southern California. We sell more homes than any other agent locally and our home listings sell faster and up to 21% more than the board average. We're selling more homes YTD than any other local agent. We have a unique marketing plan for luxury home sellers where we attract home buyers from our luxury marketing on Radio and TV. We also have a unique technology where we can instantly see which buyers would be interested in a particular home based on their current search criteria and behavior. We demonstrate this at listing appointments. We have three teams within the Brad Korb Real Estate Group. The listing team leaders (Brad & Courtney Korb) focus 100% on marketing our client's homes on every available marketing outlet, including Internet, Radio and TV. The buyer's team handle the buyer clients and are elite coached, local and full-time professionals who are selling up to 10 times as many homes annually compared to an average Realtor. The third team is a concierge team with full-time staff to handle internet inquiries and phone calls along with our chat service on our website. That way we're not losing any buyers interested in our Seller's homes. Here's the link to our team and BIOs: The Brad Korb Real Estate Group - Buyer Specialist We're endorsed and preferred local real estate company by Dave Ramsey, Glenn Beck and John Tesh, Bill Carrol, Barbara Corcoran (from Shark Tank and Realtor). 3. Why hire us to help you find a home? - As a team we sell more! Last year we sold 169 homes! - We have access to homes that are not yet on the market - ask for current list of upcoming home listings - We sell more homes than any other company. - We offer our buyers a 2-year "love it or leave it" guarantee which takes the pressure off - We sell more homes in a WEEK than a typical agent sells in a year - We offer lenders who pay for your appraisal, can close as quickly as 2 weeks, which makes your offer compete with cash offers and the lender offer lowest available rates guaranteed, and can pay for ALL your closing cost! 4. Tired of searching for homes only to find out they're sold? Tired of search on the internet websites and then finding out the property is no longer available. We offer a free backstage pass to the MLS, which we realtors use to find properties. Click to get immediate access to ALL listings - guaranteed accurate info: Backstage Pass to MLS - Search like a Realtor Minus Show less
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