DO YOU NEED A LOAN? HERE ARE 4 SUCCESSFUL TIPSINTRODUCTIONOnly a few people have the financial wherewithal to buy a house without a lender's financial support or a government-funded assistance program (for eligibility!)If you belong to that circle, then you don't have to read this article unless you have a fetish for practical articles on homeownership!This article will share 4 successful tips on how to get a loan so that our readers can make informed decisions along the line.And by the way, if you need a loan to buy a home, you can scarcely afford to make uninformed decisions so pay rapt attention.Tip 1: Determine what you can afford before you approach a Lender for a loan.Just like when you're in the market for a car, a cat salesperson is bound to ask you what your budget is at some point in your interaction.You can count on the dealership, hoping you'll quote a large number. But like most people looking to buy a car, you're likely to react to the initial question by saying you're not really sure what your budget is. That expression of uncertainty is all the car salesperson needs to overwhelm you with appealing offers you most likely can't afford.You can't afford to demonstrate such uncertainty when you're in the market for a home.Note that a Lender can't tell you what you can afford in terms of home acquisition, and you shouldn't expect a lender to conduct such a sacred investigation on your behalf.This is because a Lender is merely concerned about his financial interests, and it's naive for you to expect him to look out for your financial interest with the same intensity you'll display.Do your due diligence because if, after securing a loan, you become unable to meet your mortgage obligations. Your lender is well within his right to foreclose your home.Tip 2: Understand and Improve your Credit ScoreAs one Real Estate Expert put it, "you can't play the home buyer if you can't pay" and as we noted earlier, only a few individuals can buy a home without the financial aid of a lender.Mortgage lenders have expectations. One of the things that makes a Mortgage Lender favorably disposed to your loan application as a borrower is the credit score. Make Sure your credit score is high and free of all errors.Tip 3: Make a Sizable Down PaymentA sizable down payment of 20-30 percent of the property's purchase price is a positive signal to any potential Mortgage Lender.It represents a high fidelity to the home purchase process. A lender is motivated to lend a borrower money at a competitive interest rate if and when he is convinced that the borrower intends to see things through.Tip 4: Consider Working with a Mortgage BrokerA mortgage broker has a natural feel for scouting lenders that offer loans with terms amenable to a client's needs.These are professionals who also understand the relevant paperwork needed for getting a loan from a lender. A mortgage broker will generally make your life easy and your loan application process largely free of avoidable mess-ups.Hope you learnt something useful.

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