My mortgage status is "processing", what does that mean?
The Mortgage Process

"My mortgage status is processing, what does that mean?" This is a common question for those who are just beginning the process of buying a home or refinancing their current mortgage. Here are some answers to common questions about mortgage processing that will help you understand the process and what to expect.

What does that mean? Processing a mortgage status means the work has been done on the loan and is now being transferred to your name. In other words, the money has been borrowed and is being held by the lender until you take possession of the property. When you get a copy of your mortgage status is processed, it usually means that the money has been paid to the lender and you are the official owner of the property.

How long does it take to process my mortgage status? Depending on your lender and your situation, processing can either be quick or it can take a while. Some lenders have longer processing times than others. It really depends on what company your mortgage status is going through. If you are dealing with the bank, they probably have the fastest processing service as they deal with a lot of people.

The most common way to go is direct to the bank and see what they can do for you. They can usually tell if your loan was processed properly and if your lender has done a good job with the loan. If you are dealing with a private lender, your bank may refer you to an expert for more information. You can usually call them or visit their website to find out more about their lending practices.

What does a processing company do? They will review your loan and check to make sure all documents were submitted accurately. They may even go over some of the basic items like the closing cost and any modifications that need to be made on the original loan.

Why should I worry about this? There's no reason to. Processing just involves checking documents. Banks process a lot more because they deal with a lot more people. It's just another thing they have to do. They aren't the only place you can go though.

If you have difficulty understanding why your loan isn't being processed, don't be afraid to ask your lender. Find out what they are doing to get your loan approved and explain your concerns. Most processing services are more than willing to help. They may be able to check things over with your bank or find out a lender that would be willing to work with you.

My mortgage status is processing. What next? It's important to remember that nothing should change your mind. Most processing services can help your mortgage get approved quickly. As long as everything is in order, you will be able to focus on applying for the home of your dreams.

Check your loan information. You need to know exactly what you are going to pay. When you apply for a loan, most processing services will ask for some information. This includes credit score, employment history, income, and other questions. They want to make sure you have the ability to afford the home you are getting approved for.

Make sure your loan information is correct. You may have to add an item or two to your loan. Some lenders will reject a loan application if the information is incorrect. That is why it is important to double check your data. A reputable processing service is likely to catch any errors in your application, but it never hurts to be safe.

My mortgage status is processing. So, what now? Your processing service will work with your lender to find out if you qualify for certain programs and to see if you can qualify for a modified loan.

My mortgage status is processing. It is great! You should be proud that you found someone who knows how important your mortgage is to you and took the time to find out what your mortgage status is. You can rest easy knowing that your mortgage status is updated and ready to use.

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